Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Now Available From Three UK

UK mobile carrier Three is now offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on their network, the handset is available on both their contract plans and also on their pay as you go no contract plans.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is available for free on a 24 month contract, with prices starting at £26 per month. The handset is also available on their pay as you go offerings for £349.99 up front, there is no contract and no monthly fee with the pay as you go, although you will need to top up the device with at least £10.

e703c51e15 galaxy s4 mini Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Now Available From Three UK

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Priced for the United Kingdom

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 hasn’t been out that long but already the company has announced numerous different models of the phone to fit every market. There’s the mini for those that don’t want all the heft that comes with the regular S4, there’s the Active for those that like to get down and dirty and don’t want to worry about their phone while doing it. The hackers have the S4 running stock Android, and the photo enthusiasts have the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Priced for the United Kingdom

Samsung’s New Mini Tarnishes The Brand

Of all the companies that produce smartphones, Samsung tended to release more than one of them. With devices like the Galaxy Note 2 $ 159.99 at Amazon Wireless and the Galaxy S3 It was as if Samsung has a little slower and focus on powerful devices for specific markets as opposed to throwing a handful of darts a wall. The popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the GS2 before him, has also created strong brand recognition. Even when the output of the phone, Samsung announced the phone as “the new Galaxy.” With the disappointing output of the Mini Galaxy S3, Samsung seems to be very difficult to take a mediocre phone to be more hype than it is.

Top 5 Best Affordable Home Theater System

Are you looking for Affordable Home Theater System? All of these Home Theater Systems are under $1000 and have very good. It’s cheapest and great sound for the money.

1.  SLS Q-Line Gold 650w 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater System by SLS Audio

41fK7Zc4qJL. SL500 AA300  Top 5 Best Affordable Home Theater System Amazon Reviewer ‘Thomas J. Panozzo Jr.’:

“Basically, this is a situation where due to circumstances, you can buy speakers like this at a price point that really does not make sense … This system sounds as good as others costing 5-10 times as much because these speakers are obviously worth more than I paid …

I could go to the high end audio store locally and no doubt find something that sounds “better” but I would definitely be spending a lot more … And since this is a “family thing” it exceeds my needs already …

For the money, it is a very good value and sounds great … Just what I was looking for …”

Dell Inspiron i14z-2000RED Review, Features and Price

Dell Inspiron i14z Dell Inspiron i14z 2000RED Review, Features and Price

Dell Inspiron i14z-2000RED Review

Combining sizzling performance, rich features, and chic design in a sleek, take-anywhere laptop, the Dell Inspiron 14z (model i14z-1424BK) can handle whatever task you throw at it, wherever you roam. When it’s time to kick back and relax, the Inspiron 14z features a brilliant 14-inch high-definition display and built-in SRS Premium Sound HD. For a theater-like experience, you can connect via HDMI cable to a compatible big-screen HDTV.