Top 5 Best Affordable Home Theater System

Are you looking for Affordable Home Theater System? All of these Home Theater Systems are under $1000 and have very good. It’s cheapest and great sound for the money.

1.  SLS Q-Line Gold 650w 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater System by SLS Audio

41fK7Zc4qJL. SL500 AA300  Top 5 Best Affordable Home Theater System Amazon Reviewer ‘Thomas J. Panozzo Jr.’:

“Basically, this is a situation where due to circumstances, you can buy speakers like this at a price point that really does not make sense … This system sounds as good as others costing 5-10 times as much because these speakers are obviously worth more than I paid …

I could go to the high end audio store locally and no doubt find something that sounds “better” but I would definitely be spending a lot more … And since this is a “family thing” it exceeds my needs already …

For the money, it is a very good value and sounds great … Just what I was looking for …”

2. Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 5.1 Speaker System by Definitive Technology

41zP%2BoGMSeL. AA300  Top 5 Best Affordable Home Theater SystemAmazon Reviewer ‘Concession Card’:

“Fantastic sound, you won’t be upset with this purchase!!

Great sound, very attractive, nice solid weight to the speakers, definitly not cheap flimsy crap!! Easy to set up although they recommend your front speakers plug into the Sub and not straight from your receiver. Nice seperation of sound, very impressed. Would buy these all over again!!

Get the floor stands, very solid and worth the $99 a pair.”

3. Denon DHT-1312BA A/V Home Theater Receiver with Boston Acoustics MCS 160 5.1 Surround Speaker System by Denon

41 J5pq5 tL. SL500 AA300  Top 5 Best Affordable Home Theater SystemAmazon Reviewer ‘Phantom62610′ : 

“I was skeptical, took a chance, hooked it up (about two hours to hook it up). AND IT SOUNDS GREAT !!! I would highly recommend this system. I have seen systems with 500 watts go for around $900 and this is 650 watts. I rarely turn it up past 50 to loud for me. I have a Samsung 55 in HDTV.

Great Price compared to others
Awesome sound!!!!!
Highly recommended
I have had it for about 9 months now…”

4. Klipsch HD Theater 1000 5.1-channel Home Theater Speaker System by Klipsch

31ZqikXaGfL. SL500 AA300  Top 5 Best Affordable Home Theater SystemAmazon Reviewer ‘Phantom62610′ :

“I bought this about a month ago, it was $530 at the time, I see now it’s only $520, but I have no regrets. I am still shocked that I got this as the other person said, for less money than the mid-range set. I never forget that this is a $1,000 speaker set, and it definitely sounds it. I have it hooked up to a Denon 1610 receiver, and it sounds awesome. I just finally this week got everything hooked up and mounted. The clarity of the sound is great, and the bass is very loud, and sounds great at lower levels as well…”

5. KEF KHT1005.2GB 5.1 Subwoofer Satellite System with KUBE-1 (Gloss Black) by KEF

41gyo1vAykL. SL500 AA300  Top 5 Best Affordable Home Theater SystemAmazon Reviewer ‘Tim’ :

“i hooked this system up to my denon 1910 avr and panasonic tc-p58s2.while i will admit it did take a few weeks to get this set up rightand that it was my first time using auedssy set that i have it set right it sounds great for movies and only running the denon at 5.1 right now dont feel the room ,which is about 12 x 15 is big enough for 7.1 i will in the future.the speakers give clear sound at all levels and great bass if you take your time and set it up right.if not your bass will be off and sound like cra…”

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